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Reliable app

I have been using this app for some time and am very satisfied with the results

Very helpful

I was able to find lost parts of my family thanks to this app.


Cest une bonne appli ne changer rien.


Très très très intuitif

Good, but needs improvement

This app is good but it has a serious error: in some cases when a person is added (for instance, an spouse) that is also a father of someone already included, its impossible to link the new spouse to his son.

Very Nice!

I liked the docs associated

Super App

Amazing App! Congrats to the Team!

Excellent!! ,,/


Klasse App

Tolle Funktionen. Sehr intuitiv.

Super Super

The best one in the world .

Enjoying the adventure!

Come a long way since we got interested in genealogy! And now especially with DNA! :)

Awesome historical tracker

This app helps me to identify my historical ancestors as well as create a historical background and timeline for my children follow and easily add to. Easy to use, it gives me the flexibility to modify and track tidbits of information at a moments notice, at any time. I love this app

Great App

Love the app. Having lots of fun looking up family history.

Ancestry is Awesome

Really liking the app, love seeing the census and some photos of ancestors and all the information. Learning even more about the family history. A must have!

Great and well designed app

This is one of the best designed apps in the App Store. A must have for all trees.

Ancestry app

Great app . Very Convenient and up to date.

Ancestrys App is a tidy package of handy features

This is such a nice clean app. it mimics the full PC version in such a way that it is easy to grasp all the functions. It handles smoothly so zooming in and out of large trees works well. Viewed document details are very crisp and readable on the iPad. I find this is such a good app that I rarely have to resort to the full PC version. Ancestry itself is an incredible concept and resource. Im very grateful for the opportunity it has given our family to learn about our roots.

Great family tree app

One of the best things about this app, is that family trees are stored online, so when I use a different device, all of the information is there and up to date. I dont have to keep a backup of it. The features for searching records and adding/updating details, and being able to attach documents and photos to each person are great, as well.

App Review

This is a real handy mobile app for on the go. Can quickly refer to it when away from the computer.

Too expensive!

iPhone 6S with iOS 9.3.2 At first its free, then the membership fees are outrageous! The disgusting thing about that is that the members do the majority of the work (most of the information is provided and shared by members) and the Mormons get all the money, and theyre making billions on this! Then they get all their young people to line up next to baptismals and, using the information we provide, they re-baptize all of our long-deceased ancestors by proxy in the Mormon religion. Its true! That, along with the money this is making for the Mormon church, is the whole purpose for the Ancestry conglomerate and the Mormon obsession with genealogy. Theyre trying to steal our ancestors souls! If it didnt provide such a useful platform for building ones family tree, I wouldnt bother. Good thing I dont believe that baptizing dead people by proxy has any power over their souls whatsoever.

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