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Great Genealogy App

It is the best App for browsing genealogy. I use it all the time. I find it helpful when visiting with family. Questions always come up. Quick answers with

Love this app

I work on my research most days and via mobile several times weekly. Super intuitive and easy to use. Makes me feel I can keep up the momentum even in the move. Wish sometimes that I could access messages from here.


Very good app is very okay now

Great app!!

I am enjoying this new app!!! It is easy to use. It is fast!!!

Outstanding Ap!

This is a very exciting, user-friendly Ap which lends itself to putting in an aging family members lap and asking them to fill in blanks in the family genealogy for you. I cannot say enough good things about this Ap as it has me motivated to do genealogical research in a way Ive never done before. Recent updates have been very good and increased the apps already quite high user friendly nature. My only complaint is that as good as the app is it is a tad on the pricey side and no longer allows you to purchase individual records but forces you to get a monthly membership.

Great app!

Fun to navigate

Started as fun, now an obsession!

My niece wanted to trace her fathers family. We have now put together her family tree on both sides of our families and found amazing information. We have reached out to distant family for more info and have now regained more family. We are proud of what we have put together for future generations and arent done yet!! Great family project!! We got far more than just a family tree!

Ancestry Review

A great app for the genealogists on the go

Very handy

I tend to use my iPad and iPhone more often than my MacBook, and find this app easy and quite convenient to use. Its great for quick additions in "the field” when visiting with relatives.

Great, Functional App

This is an essential app for genealogy and works well.

I Love it

Its helping me learn my family tree which Ive always wanted to do


This app is great. Its pretty easy to use and I love that whenever I want to update something, I can do it from my phone instead of trying to keep up with notebooks or papers filled with family information!

Great App

Easy to use. Great app

Over The Moon!

I am over the moon with delight in using this app. It gives me freedom to work where ever I am throughout the world. The clues and put together facts are amazing. This app makes it more than fun and fulfilling to continue on with our family heritage. Thank you!

I love this app

This is my favorite app! It makes making my family tree much easier!!

Pros and Cons

Just like your family tree, Ancestry.coms mobile app has its on pros and cons. Simple to use and efforts to improve are frequent but not always successful. A little "buggy" at times and a bit irksome that Ancestry charges guests for photos that they have uploaded to the site (shouldnt the provider at least get a percentage of that revenue?). Desperately needs sorting options -- by significant dates, military service ( would be nice to sort all Confederate or WWI and WWII veterans) etc. The price remains prohibitive to most of us, but the guest access helps get started.

Handy Complement to Desktop Ancestry

Found this app to be quite handy for working with hints. You can easily check out hints while away from desktop. Very well integrated with online site, but you really need the online version to do "the heavy lifting".


Sure makes climbing up the tree fun

Much improved

Theyve revamped the amp since I last tried to use it. It works so much better and is almost as easy to use as the website. A nice tool for making updates when not at home.

The Best Genealogy App!

Genealogy has came a long way since 1982. Records at your fingertips! Who would have thought! The app is very easily navigated and packed full of historical timeline features. I think these are in important for allowing generational perspective understanding for the researcher. Once you have your tree going, the question is always, "What was life like for him/her in that part of the country/world?" You wonder what challenges they had or what their home looked helps us fill in those blanks. I would like to see more historical facts and artifacts to display in our family stories. The DNA features need tweaking and those without family tree should be excluded or available to hide when searching your cousin connections. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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